Having That Window Seat

Since January of 2009, my life has changed drastically. It wasn’t like I didn’t already have a busy schedule.  I was a recent college graduate, a Mom, a full-time employee, and part-time cheer coach. I just had to add another moniker to my belt.  I   became an author.  My first title Over and Over Again, was going to be released in July, and I was nervous, anxious, and most of all overwhelmed.  Just like every other new author, I wanted the world to know about my book.  I started researching book events locally and nationwide and created a pre-release tour.  In the next seven months I was all over the place taking pre-orders of my book for 10 bucks, with only post cards, book marks, a framed poster sized image of my cover, and xeroxed copies of the first chapter. That’s it.  This may sound funny to some, but I actually sold over 800 copies before my book was available in stores!

I traveled from Los Angeles to New York, and many cities in between.  I was literally in an airport every two weeks.  I would fly out on a Friday evening after work, and would come back home Sunday night so that I would be back in time to prepare my children and myself for the week ahead.  I would make sure that when I booked my flights, I would take the time and pick my seat.  I would ensure that I had a window seat so that I would have an opportunity to rest on the plane.  Touring weekends would always be so hectic to me.  I would get off the plane, get dressed in the airport, and be on my way.  Since I had to make sure that I was getting the most exposure in each city; I would over book myself.  Outside of whatever major book event that I was scheduled to attend; I would go to local radio stations, beauty salons, and book stores.  I would try to book a signing in as many places in that city as I could.  This is why my window seat became so vital to me. By Sunday evening I was exhausted and only had those couple of hours on the plane to rest.

Recently, I spent some time in Atlanta, Georgia.  This trip was gong to be little different, because I had a travel companion returning home with me; my two year old niece Remiya. At first, I was skeptical on how this flight was going to be because I would have the baby with me.  I am usually flying solo, or with my publicist and I was really apprehensive.  I was mentally trying to prepare myself on keeping her busy and/or asleep on the flight.  I knew that I was not going to get any rest, and I didn’t, but not because of my fears of traveling with a toddler.

My fears of the baby being restless and loud quickly disappeared as soon as we took off.  Remiya was actually the total opposite.  She sat in my lap staring out the window quietly watching everything.  She was so excited and totally in awe.  She would stare out the window for long moments at a time and then exclaim: “Ti Ti Nick!” (that is what she calls me lol) “look at the clouds! We are far! Oh Ti Ti Nick! They are so pretty!”

At first I thought she was just being cute, and started taking pictures of her to share with her Mom, but then I noticed that she was really observing the clouds.  She found shapes and the faces of her brother and sisters in the clouds.  She would grab my cheeks with both of her little chubby hands and make me look out the window as well.   She wanted me to see what she was seeing and it wasn’t long before I too became lost in the clouds.

Traveling with my niece, was actually therapeutic for me.  She made me look at flying from a totally new perspective. I am still going to make sure that I have my window seat.  I am still going to use my flying time to catch up on some much needed rest, but not before I take a couple of moments to look out the window, watch the clouds, and reflect.

My niece Remiya, in the airport and observing  the clouds on our flight back to Vegas


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