Sistah Minds In Motions Book Club Meet and Greet

The last weekend of October I had the honor to meet with the lovely ladies of Sistah Minds in Motions Book Club.  We met at Bay Breeze Seafood Restaurant, and had such a great time! We laughed, shared stories, and had a wonderful discussion of my latest solo project A Cold Piece.  Even though this was the first suspense thriller for many of the members of the group, I felt good that they each enjoyed it.

This was my first literary related activity in a long time, and I can truly say that the ladies did a wonderful job making me step back out into my work arena.  The best part of the night is when the staff had to be reminded that the restaurant was closed.  We literally shut the place down! Our servers became part of our party as they sat, asked questions, and even had an opportunity to hear my give a sneak peak of my new title: Love Don’t Walk Away…People Do.

Thank you ladies of Sistah Minds in Motions Book Club! I can’t wait till our next date!

Ni’cola reading from Love Don’t Walk Away…People Do


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