Alchemy of Acting Master Class of Lalayna Masters

While parents were out trick and treating with their little ones, I had the opportunity to sit in on the Master Class of Lalayna Masters.   The class is called the Alchemy of Acting and the name truly speaks for itself. It was an honor for me to be there not only because Lalayna is such a seasoned vetran in the arena of acting, but because she is also a dear friend of mine.  Ms. Masters has a substantial list of stage, TV and film credits. However she does not allow the title of actress to solely define her. This unique young woman continues to demonstrate her talents through her political and civic involvements as well.

I was tranquilized from the moment that I walked into the door.  Lalayna captures a part of your spirit that one would not know was there.  She starts off with breathing and meditation exercises to loosen you up and gradually crescendos into heart wrenching, mind blowing acting training.  Subliminally she takes over and gains control of your entire being using a controlled even tone giving you direction while playing sultry music in the background.

She makes you become one with yourself.  She believes that to be a true actor you have to be able to be candid and let go of all ego.  In order to express to the camera that you are truly one with the character that you are portraying, you must be able to express feelings.  She takes you to a place of love, of yearning, and even admitting that you are wrong in situations. She guides the class to express their emotions through body movement. Anyone can recite lines, but a true actor must be able to tell their story through movement.

The class consists of a wide range of actors and actresses.  People that you have seen in different movies and sitcoms grace the class to maintain and enhance their skills to brand new green potentials that want to learn from the best.  Lalayna is also the acting coach of Bobbi Christina the daughter of the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, and currently has a role on the new reality show on the Lifetime Network, The Houstons.

Currently all classes are closed, and there is a waiting list that will become open during the New Year.  The registration fee is $30.00 and is required to hold a spot.  Tuition for intensive training is $199.00.  There is also a six month class that is $150.00 per month for Tuition for Developing your acting skills.  To find out more on Lalayna Master’s film and television credit check out:


Click on picture to find out more on how to join the AOA crew

Lalayna brings her Las Vegas based acting troupe the House of Tribes to The ATL!

John Singleton graces the Alchemy of Acting class last week

The knowledge that this lady speaks is phenomenal!

I had the honor to the have the House of Tribe perform a skit from my book Twisted!

Actual footage from a Master Class Session



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