Haute Thrifture Clothing Exchange

So if you have never been to a clothing exchange before, I suggest that you start searching the internet to find one near you.  If you are in the Atlanta area, then you can contact Emika Porter, the founder of Haute Thrif’Ture.

Established in 2009, Haute Thrif’’Ture believes ‘Even Fashion Deserves a 2nd Chance!’  Haute Thrif’Ture brings a couture element to what we call – thriftin’. We believe you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to achieve top dollar looks! At our chic events, you are able to exchange your ‘previously debuted’ clothing and/or accessories for other haute pieces.

For anyone that doesn’t know what the term clothing exchange is, let me explain.  It is an event where Women donate their previously debuted clothing and/or accessories (shoes, handbags, etc) and exchange them for like items the day of the event.  You have a chance to mix and mingle, while enjoying light refreshments and a glass of your favorite wine while shopping in the Haute Thrif’Ture’s closet.

I have been to several of Emika’s exchanges in Las Vegas, but this was the first one that I had the chance to attend one in Atlanta.  As always, Emika does a wonderful job making you feel comfortable, while she assists you shopping.  All items are professionally cleaned and pressed prior to the event, and are set out for display giving you the feel of a New York style couture boutique. Being a seasoned stylist, Emika guides you through the racks of clothing, picking out items that only a professional would put together, and like always make you look HAUTE!


This was the first time that I brought my children with me, and before the night was over, my fourteen year old was booking her own clothing exchange event for her friends.  For anyone that is interested in hosting their own Fashion Exchange or even interested in having Emika style you professionally contact her immediately.   

I highly recommomend Ms. Porter because I have worked with her personally for several years.  She has styled not only myself while I am on tour, but she has also styled several of my award winning book covers.  

Emika will take her time with you making you feel at ease while she mix and matches items to make you look FABULOUS!  Since 2007, she has been on the scene styling models on the run way. In 2007 stylist Emika founded Haute Thrif’Ture. For additional information, please visit www.HauteT.com


Laughing as always, Emika makes you feel at home while you are shopping.

All items are displayed professionally.

My daughter and her friend enjoying the ambiance of the night.

Not only are the clothing HAUTE, check out the shoes!

This was the first time that I worked with Emika, and as you can see she showed up and showed out!

2ND COVER 2 (1)

Simply beautiful


This cover won book cover of the year so many times in 2012 I stopped keeping count



2 responses to “Haute Thrifture Clothing Exchange

  1. Hello Ni’Cola, I like your work and when the program kicks off in July you will have to be a guest on the show. Kevin

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