Shayla Love The Wild Flower…Now Instructing at the Green Room Actor’s Lounge

Last Wednesday evening, I had the opportunity to sit in and watch in awe as my friend, the warm and talented Actress, Writer, Spoken Word Artist, and Radio/TV Host Shala Love, alongside Ms. Tequilla teach this dynamic workshop.  The pair are two of Actress Terri Vaughn’s prime students.  Terri Vaughn is the owner of The Green Room Actor’s Lounge and also a film and television actress. She is best known for her role as high school secretary Lovita Alizé Jenkins-Robinson on the WB sitcom The Steve Harvey Show.

The Green Room Actor’s Lounge is the home of a Beginning Scene Study Class.  This is a no-nonsense straight to the core workshop that guides students to connect emotionally to their own experiences and to give those emotions to the characters that they may portray.

red shirt no border Shayla Love is an artist—actress, spoken word poet, host, and writer—a list she aims to hone and add to. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Shayla’s home for 14 years—Las Vegas—was also home to the foundation of her training and body of work. A resident of Atlanta since September 2011, Shayla Love recently completed work on the film, Conflict of Interest starring Tommy Ford and Jazmin Lewis.  Shayla has starred in Reckless–part of Studio 11 Film’s “11 Eleven 11 project. She can also be seen in the indie horror, Prosper, and feature film thriller, Echo at 11 Oak Drive starring Rockmond Dunbar. Though a “le arts” enthusiast, Shayla names theater and live performance as her home base. Some of her theater credits include: Local Celebrity, Native Son, Bluest Eye, Musical Comedy Murders of the 1940, and Just Another Lie, an original play in which she starred opposite legendary film actor, Antonio Fargas.

Even though the class was full, the pair did an excellent job making the students feel welcome and at home.  Even though the class was for two hours, Shayla and Tequilla did a great job making the time fly.  The class was designed to teach students how to recognize their strengths and weaknesses while acting out different scenes from major motion picture movies, such as Losing Isaiah and Waiting to Exhale.

Shayla did an excellent job teaching the class the fundamentals of setting up the moment before… This is the mood that the actor should set up in their movements and functions before they execute a scene. An example of this is when the scene is waking up and preparing breakfast, but the night before you just broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend.  What would be one’s body language as they are preparing breakfast? That emotion is what the students had to focus on in this particular session.  A key note that stuck out to me was as follows: “every good scene is rooted in a relationship.”

The class was also taught the 6 steps of being in scene before breaking into pairs to work on different scripts.  The 6 steps are as follows:

1.  Knowing who you are

2.  Knowing your relationship to the scene

3.  Knowing What do you want

4.  Knowing What is in your way in the scene

5.  Knowing where I am in the scene

6.  Knowing what do I get out of the scene.

I enjoyed the class, and in essence left with a proud feeling.  Being a Las Vegas native myself, I remember hearing Shayla’s young voice on the radio and seeing her perform in different arenas; so to see her directing a class and living out her dream was priceless.  Kudos Shayla Love.  You are truly a wildflower, and I am honored to call you my friend.


To find out more about this class and the other classes that are available, please check out:

You can also connect with Shayla Love on line at:


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