Ni’cola Mitchell, Celebrity Brand Ambassador for Gawgeous Hair Boutique





Gawgeous Hair Boutique specializes in producing elite Virgin Extensions.  The company carries high quality hair extensions from donors of the Brazilian, Cambodian, Malaysian, Mongolian, and Peruvian Origin.

Gawgeous Hair Boutique is please to announce Ni’Cola Mitchell as the company’s Celebrity Brand Ambassador.  Gawgeous Hair Boutique is a virtual shopping experience where you can purchase luxurious virgin hair extensions of the highest quality at a reasonable rate.
Visit the company’s website to learn more about the Gawgeous Hair Boutique Brand
Tagline: Defining Beauty One Strand at a Time
Hashtag: #staygawgeous

To find out more about the author check out: If you are interested in gaining more exposure to your business and having your product showcased nationwide while Ni’cola is on tour, please contact

Links to buy:


Barnes and Noble:

Google Play:



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