Get your tickets today for Da Kink in My Hair Stage Play September 6-8


“If you want to know a black woman, you touch her hair,” says Novelette, as she delves into the tresses and stresses of her clients to reveal their hidden stories.

Set in a Caribbean hair salon in Toronto, ‘da Kink in my Hair gives voice to eight black women who tell their unforgettable stories in a kaleidoscope of drumming, singing and dance. It is a testament to the challenges and triumphs in the lives of contemporary black women, many of whom are immigrants to North America from the Caribbean. Mixing laughter and tears, revelation and inspiration, the unapologetically intense stories of each woman are woven together in this powerful piece.

‘da Ladies of ‘da Kink…

The salon is presided over by the languorous Novelette who serves as the catalyst for each woman’s disclosure.

Patsy is the epitome of rage and grief as she relives her son’s shooting at a high school dance.

Sherelle is at the top of her game in the financial field, wielding power and influence. Under Sherelle’s confident façade lies a loneliness that consumes her.

Shawnette finds herself incredulously watching her husband and his posh new wife enjoying a luxurious new life, after supporting his years of study with double shifts and uncomplaining toil.

Closeted actress Sharmaine has a stage mother who has been behind her every step of the way in a hard fought march toward artistic achievement. But she finds herself abandoned by her mother who cannot come to terms with her sexuality.

Canadian winters are an exciting shock to little Staci Anne, a newly arrived immigrant from Jamaica. She misses her grandmother back home, but she has a secret to tell, and reveals a harrowing tale of incest as she longs for safety but fears expulsion from the country she has come to love.

Nia confronts her ambivalent feelings about her recently deceased mother, who always preferred the sister with lighter skin.

Suzy is a  young, southern, white, working class, girl next door, who  struggles with her own inability to fully accept her bi-racial child and how to truly love and reconcile her fractured family.

Finally, Miss Enid is the widowed septuagenarian who gets her groove back, giving a little sweet potato pie to her neighbour, and getting’ some good lovin’ in return.

Atlanta: September 6th – 8th, 2013
Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre

Tickets ON SALE NOW!!!!
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Box Office Number: Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000

Find out more about the stage play:

Photos from the Staged Reading of Da Kink in my Hair Stage Play


Melanie Fiona, Terri Vaughn, Zuri Adele and more of the cast


Melanie Fiona, Terri Vaughn, and Angie Stone


Melanie Fiona and Terri Vaughn




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