Next Stop on the Diva’s Read Too Tour on

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Join us at 8:30 pm EST on and on twitter #CaribbeanBizMom for a LIVE Google Hangout AND Twitter chat where I will share my insights and offer you the chance to tweet your questions. Ambitious moms and/or aspiring entrepreneurs, this online event is for YOU.

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I will be making sure that ten lucky readers, will get a chance to relax with one of my titles with this amazing giveaway! Comment on this post, tweet about this event, like us on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and register your entries in the form below for your chance to win.


One response to “Next Stop on the Diva’s Read Too Tour on

  1. This is an exciting time for you Ms Nicola, I can imagine a book tour is gratifying whether you meet 1 fan or Many. My imagination compares a book tour to the closed one-ness of a personal think tank turned; by invitation, into the glare of a well timed social media networking event and it’s accompanying spotlight.

    2-Worlds collide when closed door Artiste transforms into Author/Personality/Artist, engaging the openness of meeting and greeting a public at large. Diva’s read too, SocaMom and “I am a dope chick” are great social media and commercial play on word concepts.

    The total package from the Pen, Mind and Body of Ms Ni’cola are now appearing in person on tour in Atlanta. Enjoy all things that come about in your tour of force brought about from the pen.

    My entrance into your Authoric (New Word) World has verified the great classic United Negro College Fund commercial tagline, “A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste”.

    That saying rhymes with Time is a terrible thing to waste, I know I have well spent this time, Diva’s Read Too can dig a mind.

    In concept we met on the internet, my website was conceived to virtually connect eBusiness and; the way I leave this comment, for an audience to want more.

    Peace and Blessings

    Sincerely, John G. Dewberry

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