Controversial New Series Hits The Web


Six millennials experience the struggles of life and love in NYC.

Already reaching over 20,000 channel views, the new web series, Tough Love, has tons of people talking after publishing three nearly half-hour episodes. Not only are viewers captivated by the storyline, but they’re also enthralled by the music, the dynamic shots of New York City, and the extremely relatable characters.
In just a month after the release of it’s first episode,Tough Love has reached over 1,700 subscribers on it’s Youtube channel, over 7,000 followers on it’s official Instagram account, over 8,000 followers on it’s Instagram fan page, over 1,000 likes on Facebook, and hundreds of comments and shares from viewers who are ready to see more.

Tough Love airs every other Tuesday on Youtube at 9:30 pm EST. The next episode is December 22nd, 2015. #ToughLoveTuesdays. Click here to access Episodes 1-3.

image (1)

You can find out more about the show on our website:

Instagram: @thetoughloveseries

Twitter: @toughloveonline



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