Everything To Learn, Nothing To Teach by Marc Polite

Everything To Learn, Nothing To Teach

Everything To Learn, Nothing To Teach, a collection of essays on social issues, contemporary politics, and some of his personal experiences. Published in 2015, it is a contemporary assessment of the state of American society.

Imagine if you play by the rules, and still manage to lose. In our post-2008 economy, millions of people have done what they are supposed to do, yet still have very little to show for it. We were told that we live in a meritocracy, but that has been shown to be far from the truth Award winning blogger Marc W. Polite of New York City decides to openly tackle the question of what to do now when you don’t get out what you put in.

In 16 essays, Mr. Polite opines on matters of the day ranging from social reform, gentrification, to the politics of respectability. Inspired by the award winning blog Polite On Society, Everything to Learn, Nothing To Teach has received feedback from supporters and critics alike.

Here are some excerpts from Amazon reviews:

“Mr. Polite challenges all readers to ask critical questions of ourselves and our surroundings. I may not agree with all his points but it certainly forced me to think about things a bit differently.”

“Mr. Polite courageously weaves a collection of sixteen essays to build a poignant portrait around the topics of politics, hip-hop, and church (just to name a few). In a very practical, and critical fashion, I was taken on a journey where I was able to take a glimpse into the mind of the author, and see a heart that is searching for meaning and purpose in his life through a myriad of complex themes most would not dare to tackle.”

Marc W. Polite 2nd pic for book 2

Marc W. Polite is an award winning writer from New York City. He is the founder of Polite On Society, a blog of political analysis and social commentary established in 2009. Most recently, Marc was recognized by the New York Association of Black Journalists at the Awards Gala for “Best Blog Commentary” of 2014. His progressive political commentary has been featured in such places as Time Magazine, Black Star News, Harlem News Group, The Grio, The Atlanta Post, and the New England Informer.

In addition to blogging and freelance writing, Marc also has taken to traditional publishing via his company Upstart Publishing. “The Poetic Ruminations of Mr. Born Nice”is a chapbook of original poetry. Released in 2013, “Poetic Ruminations” has garnered enthusiastic support on the spoken word circuit. He has been featured from venues ranging to The Shrine in Harlem, to a gathering of the Baltimore Poets Society at the Enoch Pratt Library in Maryland. Marc is currently promoting his latest work- a collection of essays titled Everything To Learn, Nothing To Teach.

Marc may be reached on Instagram and Twitter under @marcpolite

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