1st Annual Cherry Mae Reynolds Christmas Hope


For  the past few months I have spoken to my mother in regards to creating a Caribbean themed event in Atlanta where the proceeds go to an Aids organization.  After a long debate, we  have decided to purchase Christmas gifts for the kids of the infectious disease unit of Grady Hospital. She was even going to come down and help work the event. We even decided to have her prepare rum cakes to put inside of the VIP gift boxes the day before she passed….

So my family decided to instead of asking people to send flowers for the funeral, we are requesting for people to donate money towards purchasing presents for the  hospital. Since she passed November 10, 2015 during the holidays, we have decided to pick a different county hospital in different cities and do the same thing every year.

The 1st annual Cherry May Reynolds Christmas Hope fund was a success! We raised 725 in total allowing us to purchase gifts for 41 children ages 3-17.

We shopped at several different stores but we started off at Care Mart. For every hundred dollars spent in this store provided cared for a family of 4 including their utilities. We were able to provide for 8 people on our first run shopping!



                 The breakdown of Care Mart



We purchased 41 gifts for the children ages 3-17.



Dropping off gifts to the social workers of the Infectious Disease Clinic of Grady Hospital!




#PHILLY COME OUT TONIGHT to support the Daja Brown-Rogers Benefit.

Justin Carson and The IndustryXIX crew has always shown me love whenever I am in their area, so the least I can do is ask all my friends, family, and followers to say a prayer for DJ Skratch Makanik MC Elixir and his family as they celebrate the life of their 14 year old daughter Dajanique Brown-Rogers.  This baby was hit by a car walking to the bus stop the morning of October 17, 2012.

If you are in the Philadelphia area, please come out tonight to support the Industry XIX crew and contribute to the fundraiser that is being held for the family.  For more information click on the picture below.  RIP Dajanique.